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be eddie, so fine. >> bruce jenner because he's used to being tied up and held captive. >> zach efron. he's super cute. >> everybody go see it. i'd pay twice to go see it. >> the celebrity i think has the best butt in hollywood would have to be rihanna. >> bradley cooper, yum, yum, br bradley. >> i think jennifer lopez has the best butt in hollywood. the original butt out of all these new butts. >> the celebrity is kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kdashian. >> she is literally sitting on a fortune. >> the streets are always talking and we're always listen i ing. up next time for "ask wendy." >> wendy: welcome back. time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> how you doi? i'm a makeup artist so my face is my best advertisement yet every guy wants me to be more natural. >> wendy: you makeup artists do wear a lot of makeup. you do but you have to sell your product. so when you're at the makeup counter, the department store, where you actually sell, i think when you're on the clock, wear as much makeup as you can
one of us having to travel where each other is. we shook on it. >> perfect. [ applause ] >>> now, i know you've always been into comicon, you go every year. >> comicon. >> i just want -- >> for a nerd, that's like mispronouncing -- >> i'm sorry. i've never been but i like wonder woman and i dressed as her for hallowe this year. i wanted to know for you, if you do a side by side -- >> yeah. >> i think you look more like straight up linda carter, wonder woman. >> in my opinion like the real wonder woma you look great. >> i'll take it. you and your wife, i liked your halloween costumes. >> oh, yes. my wife is really funny. she said we've cornered the market on tall girl, short guy costumes. we did some from battle star gallactica one year and one year she was hans solo and i was prince. she came up with an idea midyear and we worked on it. >> let me see the piur >> jessica rabbit. >> look at a side by side. >> that is perfect. >> so don't go away everybody. when we come back, we're going to play a game with seth. a game of celebrity. except for it's the "dads" edition. you don't want t
making for us today? i see steak. >> yes. spicy stake because i heard you love spice and sweet potato chips. >> and you're 13. you talk and aisle conduct my conversation with you. go ahead. >> this is just the chillicurry sauce. these are the ingredients. freshly picked cilantro, parsley, oregano, garlic, salt, cryi cayenne pepper and rub. >> >> wendy: you keep going. you're 13, likemy son, you're in eighth grade. >> yes. >> wendy: are you home schooled? u missed the first half of the year. how are you going to make up the first half of the year? >> am i sus popposed to. >> wendy: if you want to graduate. or you can keep cooking and go to culinary school. you're going to be a cook? >> yes. >> or a chef. a cook versus a chef, which is what gordon is. how did you get interested in cooking? your mom? or did you cook at home? >> when i was little, i would bake with my mom. as i got older, my mom and dad -- >> wendy: i feel so under the pressure. i love tking to you but they're holding up signs to keep moving. the audience is laughing. is going to cook long enough? >> 3 to 4 minutes on eac
superstars the wanted are still with us. you guys have made so many fans all around the world. but we have some audience questions and some viewer questions and social media questions right here. let's just get started. these are your questions for these guys. alyssa from dayton, ohio wants to know who has the most groupies? >> straight outthere. >> i think with me being the only single one. >> jay has the ost. jasmine from burlington, north carolina wants to know what's the most embarrassing thing you bought with your first big paycheck? good one. let go down the line. siv >> well, i bought an emerald green mini. >> mini cooper? >> yeah. >> very masculine. >> come back to me. >> nathan? >> most embarrassing thing? i bought this like spaceship. it was very bizarre. it was one of them things that like- >> with the remote control that you have. >> it hovers and goes really high up and it was about two years ago. it's still in the box. >> jay, what about you? >> possibly a pair of trainers i t my brother. i have little to no fashion sense. you shouldn't buy that. >> max? >> i actually bought
and driving? >> i can talk in my car on speak speakerphone. we were talking and i pulled up to the use and a security guard there. i pulled into my driveway, he gets out of his car and he says, i have been told not to let you come into this residence. it just got really, really ugly really, really fast. >> wendy: is kordell gay? >> wat i can tell y is this. whether his gay or whether h is onhe dow low, that had nothing to do with our breakup, quite honestly. to be veryvery frank with you. the breakup had to do with the treatment i was receiving as a wife. >> wendy: well, you know, there were rumors in the streets before you even met kordell about kordell being gay. >>. >> wendy: had you ever had had that discussion during happy times of being married? we did. i didn't know about him until he came to a family event and my uncle was taking pictures, so i found out at that point. a little bit later on, i kept hearing so much about it, i thought, i' going ttalk to him about it. >> wendy: when you talked to him, was he calm? >> well, he just was very detailed about the whole situation. and
too short. just to the knee. belt it. make sure you're using a belt, sinching in a smaller waistline. pop the color. that' an isaac signature, pop the color to give that extra sense of ste. leopard printis neutral. it will never go out of style. >> wendy: well, you look terrific, terrific. okay, nice jobon that coat, isaac. our next model is stephanie. stephanie is petite and she needs a coat that's going to make her stand out from the crowd. sorry, come on out, stephanie. i love everything about this. >> love, love, love. found this one at land's end. it's pe taet, a 'coat. we love a 'coat. here is why it works so well on stephanie. she's petite. double-breasted, i you're fuller figured, keep away from double breasting. because she is petite we wanted to go for a shorter length coat, something that hits just the top of the thigh. most flattering length. she can wear the double-breasted. go for the bright color not boring black, brown or gray. go for bright color. land's end does a petite version. >> wendy: good. how much is this coat? >> $150. >> wendy: and pea coats are timeless. i
] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ >> wendy: join the party and be part of my live studio audience. visit to request your agree tickets today and make sure you dress time press. i can't wait to see you. >> wendy: hi. welcome back. you know, i get asked a lot of datg questions during my "ask wendy" segment and even though i never tried it before i think online date is a definite opon for single people. here with some online dating tips is the author of "the truth about men." y hello to our friend, dr. ian smith. [ applause ] i love that you love online dating. what are the benefits to online dating. >> people say right away that -- you always say this too, you got to cast your fishing pole in many ponds. online dating makes the world so much smaller. there were the days you went to a bar to fine that person. the second part is rejection. a guy stealing story he hathis date, went into t bar, the woman sitting there, he didn't sit
lowe and demi moore. now us, another handsome co-star michael ealy. >> wendy: we love michael. >> and george ryan. >> wendy: was that the first big screen movie? >> that was my first studio movie ever. that was the first time. >> wendy: look at you, regina. >> i know. you know, i'm offended because they say you have to watch what you do, right? so that's my first movie, and i play a stripper. no one asked again. i have never been asked to play a stripper again. >> wendy: but you're in fighting form. you're ready. you're ready to take it off. >> clearly no one wants to see it off again. that was enough. >> wendy: but your character has evolved. >> she has evolved. she has evolved. she is no longer an exotic danc dancer. she is married and has two chilen. she's in education. she and julia run a charter school. >> wendy: we're going to find out a little bit more about our friend, regina hall, play our game called "fave five." >> a game? >> wendy: "fave five." okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8